10 Most Annoying Airplane Passengers who’ve Ruined the Travel Experience for others


With air travel becoming more affordable, there can be seen a variety of people opting to travel by air to save time. Airplanes are no more a thing of luxury due to which any and every other person (almost) can be seen boarding the mammoth carriers. Gone are the days when there were classy and elite humans you would love to share your flight with. The number of complaints addressing the fellow passengers misbehaving have spiraled up rapidly in the recent past and all we can do is tch tch.

Even if you have fortunate enough to fly without any fuss, there must have been occasions where a fellow passenger/s might have indulged in some acts of indecency or impolite behavior that would have scorned you and others around you. Here are some such pictures of annoying airplane passengers who’ve ruined the travel experience for others, knowingly or unknowingly, thanks to their lack of common sense and civilized behavior.

1. Spread out lavishly and must add, intentionally!

2. Feast to the eyes…Merry X’mas everyone!!

3. PDAs gone too far. Ever heard something about ‘self-control and decency’?

4. Of shoes and masks….

5. When you mistake your co-passenger’s shoulder with a pillow

6. Making a personal closet in a public space

7. Even if those tresses were luscious and tempting, this isn’t done miss!

8. Those (smelly) peep toes

9. Another hairy tell-tale

10. Whatever happened to decency! RIP civilization.