Prachi Desai injured while shooting for ‘Kosha’


Bollywood actress Prachi Desai who is currently shooting for her upcoming film “Kosha” recently hurt herself while shooting a scene in the film.

Prachi Desai injured while shooting for ‘Kosha’ 1

 She says after wrapping up she felt her bruises were “completely worth it”. A scene required Prachi to show anger and punch a wooden plank.

According to sources, “Initially, the actress used boxing hand wraps, but was not satisfied with it. She decided to go without the hand wraps… After a two-minute long sequence, and when the director said ‘cut’ everyone realised that Prachi has bruised herself and was bleeding.”

Talking about the incident that happened last week, Prachi said in a statement: “At times, one gets completely involved in the character and though it was painful, it was completely worth it.”

Director Amman Advaita said: “We would retain the actual scene with her bleeding as she has rigorously kicked and punched for this sequence.”

“Kosha” is being described as a ‘dark urban fairy tale’, with the story revolving around a girl who is a band member and struggles with substance abuse.

It is produced by late Raj Kanwar’s son Abhay.