Elphinstone Station Stampede: Bollywood celebs express their anger over tragedy



A city that will soon have a bullet train doesn’t even have a safe railway bridge, commented angry residents in Mumbai after a stampede left 22 dead and over 30 wounded this morning.

Elphinstone Station Stampede 1

There was a stampede at a foot-over bridge that connects Mumbai’s Elphinstone Road and Parel stations. The incident, which took place at around 10.45 am yesterday on 29 September caused the lives of 22 people, while 27 were injured. Heart-wrenching visuals show dead bodies lying on the bridge.

Clearly, people are outraged after this incident. Several celebrities too displayed their anger on Twitter. Here’re the reactions:


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People like us, who have to travel daily through local trains will know the pain that we have to go through every single day, either because of the delays, or the lack of proper infrastructure at the railway stations. Had the footover bridge been wide enough, this incident may not have happened. But then as some people are saying on social media, “it was a disaster waiting to happen.”