Ahead Of Gujrat Elections, BJP Requires To Delay In Release Of SLB’s ‘Padmavati’!



The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) calls for either ‘temporary’ delay or ban on the release of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s period movie Padmavati, explaining that it hurts the sentiments of the community and also, to avoid unnecessary tension during the Gujarat elections.

The Times of India reported on Wednesday that the BJP wrote to the Election Commission and Gujarat’s chief electoral officer, “to arrange for a pre-release viewing of the film by select Rajput representatives to alleviate their raised tempers and provide fair opportunity to prevent unnecessary tension ahead of polls”.

Ahead Of Gujrat Elections, BJP Requires To Delay In Release Of SLB's 'Padmavati'! 3

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“We have received representations from the Kshatriya community opposing any purported distortion of history and character of Rani Padmavati in the movie. History says that Padmavati never met Alauddin Khilji,” BJP’s Gujarat unit vice-president IK Jadeja was quoted as saying by the Times of India.

“Any distortion in the movie which hurts sentiments of Rajput/Kshatriya community should be avoided as Gujarat is going to polls in December,” he said.

“History and historical references are being twisted in this film. A legal disclaimer is being inserted just to save one’s skin,” Rawal said as he claimed that he was a descendant of the clan of Rawal Ratan Singh, Padmavati’s husband.

“I have told chief minister Devendra Fadnavis how facts are being twisted and passed off as history. You cannot take liberty with history and the film needs to be banned. We even intend to move the Centre over the Rajput community’s demand for a ban on the film,” Rawal added.

However, these are the thoughts of Manubhai Patel who is the president of Gujarat’s Multiplex Owners Association,“There is still a month to the release of the film and such disputes are usually resolved. However, we don’t know what the outcome will be considering the upcoming elections in the state,” Patel told the newspaper.

The movie is receiving numerous protests, let’s see if the movie will release or not? and if yes, then when will this period movie be released?