Rishi Kapoor again abuses a woman on Twitter after she found his tweet on Beyonce “not funny”



The veteran actor Rishi Kapoor is known to be someone who is sharp-tongued and doesn’t mince his words. This time, the actor is news again as he has landed himself in trouble.

The actor took to Twitter to share a distasteful meme, involving a heavily pregnant Beyoncé being compared to a flower vase.

He captioned the pic as “Phool Khilen hain Gulshan Gulshan”.


While some found the tweet funny, some others trolled the actor saying he had again made a drunken tweet.

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The same happened with RJ Sucharita Tyagi. She didn’t find Rishi Kapoor’s pun on Beyonce’s pregnancy funny enough. Like always, Rishi lost his cool and called her face funnier and instead of taking it sportingly, he called her ‘screwed up’ on private message.

Refusing to back down, Rishi hit back with profanity and eventually, blocked her.

Sucharita shared the entire conversation on Twitter. Check it out here:


This is not the first time Rishi has abused and insulted someone through DM. Earlier also he was in the news for verbally abusing people who did not agree with his views.