Arbaaz Khan and Sunny Leone starrer ‘Tera Intezaar’ movie review!


Complete review of ‘Tera Intezaar’

Star Cast: Sunny Leone, Arbaaz Khan, Arya Babbar, Sudha Chandran, Salil Ankola, Richa Sharma, Gauhar Khan

Director: Raajeev Walia

Producer: Aman Mehta, Bijal Mehta

Rating: 2.5/5 Stars

Music Director: Raaj Aashoo

Arbaaz Khan and Sunny Leone starrer 'Tera Intezaar' movie review! 1

Arbaaz Khan and Sunny Leone starrer ‘Tera Intezaar’ has been released in cinemas. The film revolves around two lovers and how they lose their togetherness, and eventually find themselves after loads of twists and turns.

Story of the movie: The film revolves around Raunak (Sunny Leone), who runs an art gallery business. Meanwhile, Raunak meets painter Veer (Arbaaz Khan). The duo became friends and their friendship soon turns into love. Twist comes in the story when Arya Babbar enters in the film. Arya’s group comes from Foreign to India and here they wants to buy 1 million paintings from Veer. During the deal, Arya’s group ask Veer to show off his paintings to them and but it didn’t go well down with Veer and they gets into an heated argument and their talks become more worsened that they try to kill Veer. Meanwhile, Veer disappears. And, then Raunak starts searching for Veer. But does she finds him or not for this you have to watch the film.

Star Performance: Sunny Leone performs good. On the other hand, Arbaaz also delivers a brilliant acting in the film. While, others are okay in the film. From this point of view, there was a need to do a lot of work on casting.

Music Direction: The film’s music is okay. No songs have been heard so far, which has become popular. While, the background score of the film is fine.

Direction: The direction of the film is okay. However, the locations of the film are shown beautifully. The story of the film seems quite dragged. The dialogues of the film could be even better. While, Dubbing in the film is also quite messy, it could have been better.

Watch Or Not: If you are a fan of Sunny Leone, than you can watch it once.

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