Late actor Inder Kumar’s wife Pallavi says the rape case killed her husband!



Bollywood actor Inder Kumar, who starred in Salman Khan’s film ‘Wanted’, passed away on July 28 due to a massive heart attack. He was 44 years old.

Late actor Inder Kumar's wife Pallavi says the rape case killed her husband! 5

A lot has been spoken about his life choices and the fact that Inder was in acute depression which caused his health to deteriorate.

The late actor was accused of rape in 2014, as a model accused him of exploited her in the hopes of giving her a Bollywood break and the case is still going on in the court.

In a conversation with SpotboyE, Pallavi says, ”I am filing a petition to clear Inder Kumar’s name from the rape charges levied by a model in 2014. My husband is no more and I want to do this for my daughter.”

Talking about her lawyer Ashoke Saraogi, she says, ”He is a great man with a heart of diamond. He completely believes in humanity.”

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Late actor Inder Kumar's wife Pallavi says the rape case killed her husband! 6

That model who accused my husband was lying through her teeth. My husband is innocent. Recalling the incident Pallavi tells the portal, “I remember Inder and I had a small argument. And I was staying with my mother downstairs in the same building when this whole fracas happened. He was just taken away into custody. It was a traumatic time. As far as I know, the girl in question had come to us for help. She started sending Inder messages that she had fallen in love with him. And why is it that he couldn’t love her, insisting that she will die without him.”

The late actor’s wife expects that the High Court will give a verdict in her favour in 4-5 months.

Explaining why she is still fighting the case, she says, ”Inder’s respect means-the-world-to-me I can’t let my daughter live with this charge on her father’s death. 4 years of humiliation and tension was the cause of his heart attack. The case was a sure-shot set-up.”

 “I am sure justice will prevail. I repeat, Inder is innocent.” she concluded.