Bigg Boss 11: Hina Khan gets upset over Shilpa Shinde’s cooking methods, watch



One of the most controversial show ‘Bigg Boss 11’ is getting interesting with each passing day. The show has already witnessed a lot of drama and spats.

Bigg Boss 11: Hina Khan gets upset over Shilpa Shinde's cooking methods, watch 3

Everbody knows that Shilpa Shinde has taken up the responsibility of making rotis and other stuff for the housemates. But recently, she declares that she will not enter in the kitchen and the reason is none another than Hina Khan.

In the video, Arshi Khan tells Hina that Shilpa Shinde uses tap water to cook meals for everyone. Hina is shocked to know this and tells Arshi that Shilpa’s cooking methods are the reason why everyone is falling sick in the house. Hina then goes and tells Shilpa that she just found out from Arshi that she uses tap water while cooking. She also adds that Shilpa must use the RO mineral water while cooking and not the tap water.

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Though Shilpa tries to clarify that the tap water is not used while cooking and it’s usable once it’s boiled, Hina refuses to listen to her. Hina tells her that she is very thankful to her for cooking their meals but no meal will be made using the tap water. She also tells Shilpa that if she can’t do this then she will gladly volunteer to take care of the kitchen duties with Arshi.

And, then Shilpa declares that she will no more enter the kitchen and asks Hina and Arshi  to take care of all the kitchen duties.

Checkout the video here: