Bigg Boss 11: Evicted contestant Hiten Tejwani makes some explosive revelations about Shilpa and Hina!



This was one of the most unexpected eviction of Bigg Boss 11, which ended the journey of Hiten Tejwani from the house as he was one of the strongest contestant in the house.

Bigg Boss 11: Evicted contestant Hiten Tejwani makes some explosive revelations about Shilpa and Hina! 3

Hiten who is known for his peaceful and down-to-earth nature, makes some shocking revelations post his exit from the show.

He said, “I will have only one regret, that the gharwale didn’t support me even as I didn’t behave badly with anyone. Had they supported me, then I would have reached in top five or four. It’s a game, yes, but who will they play with? Weak contestants? Isn’t it more fun to have strong competition? He further said, “I expected to reach at least the finale and was extremely shocked with the eviction. I didn’t expect it to happen now after coming so far. I don’t know if I was out because I can’t fight unnecessarily, or can’t shout at the top of my lungs. For the commoners, everything was for the cameras as they have never faced one before. But I was natural, I lived the way I live in my house.”  

he one person Hiten expected to save him was Shilpa Shinde, who, at the last minute ditched him and decided to save Priyank. Talking about this, Hiten explained, “Vikas, Arshi and Puneesh favoured me but Hina and Luv wanted Priyank to stay which was expected. But the major role in ousting me was played by Shilpa. She got rid of me because she felt that I was one of the strongest contestants. She was the major deciding factor in my elimination. And people who don’t deserve are still inside, that is, Puneesh, Akash and Luv. I definitely didn’t deserve to get evicted before these three,” said Hiten.

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On being asked who he wants to see as a winner, he said “When I was inside, Vikas wanted me to win, and now that I am outside, I would want him to win. But otherwise, Shilpa is quite strong in terms of votes and popularity. She has got a zabardast (huge) fan following. Her expressions of making fun of Hina crying was retweeted 7,00,000 times. She has been saved almost every time. So, only Shilpa can give Vikas a tough competition,” said Hiten, further adding, “And the way Hina is going, now I have got to know that she has spoilt a lot for herself. She is also strong but I’m not sure if people would want her to win. But these three – Shilpa, Vikas and Hina — would definitely be in the finale.”

Talking about Arshi’s behavior, he said,“It irritated me initially and I would tell her that there were other boys in the house for her to target, to which she said that she wanted a man, not a boy. She was very funny but she never crossed the line. She was always supportive and extremely loyal.”

Hiten further said that Shilpa is getting good footage because she never reacts to Akash and Arshi behaving badly or speaking rudely to her. “Shilpa ends up looking good and dignified. She is clever and she knows it. Also, she would handle kitchen single-handedly. She would sweep regularly and wash utensils even for others. Now that she’s given up the kitchen chores after being accused of using tap water, Arshi and Akash will have to handle kitchen, and Shilpa would get lot of free time to play her game. Now Shilpa’s next target would be Hina and once Hina is out, her line would be clear. Then probably she would target Vikas,” said Hiten.

Hiten calls Hina fake, “Hina says something but does something else only. She is fake. I never reacted when she brought my wife Gauri into the whole issue when she lost out on her captaincy because of my action which was in favour of Vikas and captaincy eventually went to Arshi. I never did any form of back-biting because I didn’t want to react to fake people. Audience understands everything. Actually Hina, Priyank and Luv’s friendship is all fake but then they have to show that it’s solid.”

“I am happy that I came out the same person that had walked into the house, though I am much calmer now. My sanity is intact. It showed my true self but I have become more patient and calm. This house couldn’t change me despite of so many squabbles, back-biting, bitching,” he said.