Hema Malini blames Mumbai’s overpopulation for Kamala Mills fire!



At least 15 people were killed and 21 others wounded after a major fire broke out in a pub in the Kamala Mills Compound in the wee hours of Friday. The fire reportedly started from One Above, a rooftop restaurant-cum-pub, in The Kamala Trade House and quickly spread to another restaurant-cum-pub Mojo’s Bistro.

Hema Malini blames Mumbai's overpopulation for Kamala Mills fire! 3

Bollywood celebs and TV actors are saddened by this unfortunate incident that took place last night. Now, Hema Malini blamed the ever increasing population for the tragedy.

“It’s not that the police aren’t doing their job. They do a great job. But the population is so high. When Bombay ends, another city should begin. But the city keeps extending,” Malini said in a statement.

She suggested an upper limit on how many people should be allowed to live in big cities. “Each city should have a certain limit on population. After that, they should not be allowed…let them go to another city, the next city,” she added.

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Well, this statement of the actress drew sharp backlash on social media. Twitterati was miffed with Hema Malini’s comments.