RIP: Legendary Carnatic vocalist Radha Vishwanathan passes away!



Legendary Carnatic vocalist, Radha Vishwanathan who is a daughter of  classical singer M S Subbulakshmi breathed her last in a private hospital. She was 83.

RIP: Legendary Carnatic vocalist Radha Vishwanathan passes away! 3

Vishwanathan, had reportedly developed complications related to breathing following which she was rushed to the Fortis Hospital yesterday morning. However, she succumbed to it and passed away.

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Her son, V Shrinivasan shares this sad news on his Facebook page. He wrote, “The voice which sang Amani Manadho Manyo Lokaswami Trilokadruth has now merged with that of her mother (M S Subbulakshmi).”

Radha Vishwanathan began her music career by accompanying her mother, Subbulakshmi, a Bharat Ratna recepient, during her concerts both within the country as well as abroad, for decades together. The legendary singer had a history of Tuberculosis Meningitis since 1982 and would thus develop chest congestion very easily during winter. This time, her condition worsened even under medical supervision and she eventually succumbed to it by 11:50 pm on Januray 2.

Radha is survived by her sons V. Chandrashekar and V. Shrinivasan; daughters-in-law Sikkil Mala Chandrashekar and Geetha Shrinivasan; and grand daughters S. Aishwarya and S. Saundarya.

May her soul rest in peace!