CDR Scam: Kangana Got Stucked In Trouble For Sharing Hrithik’s Number With Lawyer Rizwan Siddiqui



 After Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s wife and Ayesha Shroff , it’s Kangana Ranaut who is being accused for CDR scam. Celebrity lawyer Rizwan Siddiqui has been under police custody for adopting illegal means to procure call detail record to help his celebrity clients to win court cases. and due to this Kangana landed into trouble.

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Deputy Commissioner of Thane has revealed that Kangana had shared Hirthik’s number to the lawyer, though police don’t the exact reason why she shared his number but Rizwan is surrounded by illegal CDRs cases, they are investing this angle too.

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DCP Trimukhe has revealed,  “Investigation has revealed that Kangana Ranaut had shared Hrithik Roshan’s mobile number with the accused Rizwan Siddiqui in 2016, a reason for that is not known yet, the probe is on.” He further added to News18, “We have written to the nodal officer of the concerned mobile operator to gather more details, on this.

 This affected Kangana’s sister alot as she lashed out at the police officer in twitter. She twitted,  “When we respond to a notice,we give all details to lawyer. To assume that these details were used to violate law and make statements based on that assumption, and defame an artist is super lame @abtrimukhe. Full investigation should be carried out before making assumptions.”