Darshan Raval is back with his new song ‘Baarish Lete Aana’ for monsoon lovers, watch



Singer Darshan Raval who is known for his single ‘Tera Zikr’ is back with his latest single ‘Baarish Lete Aana’. The song is for all those people who loves monsoon.

Darshan Raval is back with his new song 'Baarish Lete Aana' for monsoon lovers, watch 3

The song has been released by Indie Music Label in association with Sony Music India. The music is by Sudeep Goswami and the lyrics have been penned by Naveen Tyagi.

“There are so many memories connected to rain, so I think when it rains, I get nostalgic. I feel really loved in monsoon because I can sit in my house and I can relive all the moments and memories of my life,” Darshan said in a statement.

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“What happens is that the rest of the time, you are running around trying to make your career, money and you’re doing a lot of things for your family and everybody. But during monsoon, the weather itself gives you respite and I think you can sit and enjoy.

“So I think a lot of my personal life’s memories are connected with rain. I know there are thousands and thousands of people who love the monsoon. I feel that I wanted to make this song for all those people who love monsoon and those who have been in love or got their hearts broken,” he added.

Watch the song here: