SHOCKING! Rupali Ganguly attacked, suffers minor injuries, says ‘I was abused in front of my son’



In a shocking turn of events, television actress Rupali Ganguly who is best remembered for her role in Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai has recently attacked by two men at a traffic signal in Mumbai on Saturday. The men also broke her car’s window and hurled abuses at her.

SHOCKING! Rupali Ganguly attacked, suffers minor injuries, says 'I was abused in front of my son' 3

According to reports, the actress was on her way to drop her five-year-old son to school when she faced the unfortunate incident.

In an interview to SpotBoye, Rupali said she was with her son and house help in her car when the incident happened. “I had to stop at the Bharat Nagar signal, near Vikram Petrol Pump as the light had turned red. It was 8.20 am. My son tried to take my mobile by lunging forward and just while taking care of him, my foot from the brake went back a little and the car moved forward, but mind you not more than an inch. Consequently, my car happened to touch a bike,” she said.

“Two men were sitting on it. Neither the bike overturned, nor there was even a scratch on the bike. But suddenly one of them got down and came towards my car. He started abusing me. He also kicked the bonnet. It was nauseating. My child was hearing them. I even apologized, but he was in no mood to listen,” she added.

The man then hit her window hard enough to break the glass. The shattered pieces hit her hand and she began bleeding. “I told him ‘Itna gussa kis baat ka hai?’ In turn, he started going off towards the backside of my car. It was clear he wanted to smash the rear windscreen. Frankly, I don’t know what he wanted to do,” she added.

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Fortunately the actress managed to escape. Well, the actress narrated the incident along with the pictures of her broken car.

“For the first time in my life I experienced #RoadRage!2 #Hooligans on a bike smashed my car window and kept hurling abuses at me in front of my 5yr old son! I didn’t note down the number or even take their pics-my only agenda was to get my petrified child and his caretaker to safety,” Rupali tweeted

She added: “Went with my crying child straight to #versovapolice and filed an FIR. Seeing the state of my car and me bleeding they all rushed to help… But all they had was this screenshot from #goodshepardchurch. We went back to the spot and looked for the #spiritofmumbai @MumbaiPolice.”