Is Shahid Kapoor suffering from stomach cancer? Here’s truth


Bollywood actor Shahid Kapoor is currently in the news for all the wrong reasons. Recently, a website published an article and mentioned that Shahid is suffering from stomach cancer

Is Shahid Kapoor suffering from stomach cancer?

These reports have mentioned that the actor and his family are tight-lipped about the problem since they don’t want anybody to know about the serious issue.

Is Shahid Kapoor suffering from stomach cancer?

According to the news published on the website, Shahid Kapoor is dealing with cancer stage 1.

To find out the truth behind this,our reporter Ravi Jain promptly got in touch with a member of Shahid’s family. Calling it absolutely baseless and wrong, the family member said – “log kuchh bhi kaise likh sakte hain? Aakhir is khabar ka aadhar kya hai? Is tarah ki afwaahein phailaane ko kis tarah se jaayaz tthehraya ja sakta hai?” (How can people write just anything? This news is based on what? Spreading rumors like these is not acceptable).”

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When Shahid’s manager Akanksha was asked about the same, she also denied the reports. Akanksha even revealed that Shahid was amused to know such rumors are being spread about him and laughed at the news.