Zero: Sridevi’s cameo in SRK’s film will get you teary eyed


Shah Rukh Khan, Katrina Kaif  and Anushka Sharma starrer Zero finally released in cinemas. The film is getting mix response from the audience.

 Sridevi's cameo in SRK's film

 A lot of big names are playing tiny parts in Zero and one such actress is late Sridevi. Yes, the movie has Sridevi’s cameo which will make you emotional.

Sridevi’s cameo in SRK’s film

It makes the audience feel that she is still around. Even those who didn’t like the film had admitted to have got emotional during that shot in the film.

The actress lights up the screen right from her entry. She even says a popular line from iconic Mr India which will remind you of the glory days of her acting career.

Earlier, talking about his small scene with Sridevi in the movie, Shah Rukh Khan had said in an interview, “Oh, it’s a privilege to have had her in the film, because, you know, just the loss is so great. And I hope wherever she is, she makes the world happy like she’s done. I kind of started my career when I came and did Army (1996) with her and then she’s no more and I have a little scene with her, so it’s heartening that way.”

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Apart from Sridevi, Zero has a cameo of Karisma, Kajol, Rani Mukerji and Alia Bhatt.

 In the film, the actor has been cast as Bauua Singh – a vertically challenged character. The film also stars Anushka Sharma (Aafia), a scientist who suffers from cerebral palsy and Katrina Kaif’s (Babita Kumari) a Bollywood superstar.