TV Actress Arishfa Khan claims Danish Zehen’s brother, Guffran is torturing her


Danish Zehen, a contestant of reality series Ace of Space died in a tragic car accident on December 20, 2018. Many things were said about Danish’s death. A few even claimed that it is a murder.

Arishfa Khan claims

Also, it has to be recalled that Danish’s friend Arishfa Khan had shared video on her social media account in which she was seen crying and expressing grief over Danish’s death.

The actress was bashed quite a lot on social media after she shared this video.

Arishfa Khan claims

Now, Arishfa revealed that Danish’s brother Guffran tortured her and her family.

 According to a report in Telly Chakkar, Danish’s brother, Guffran has been harassing Arishfa, past two months about the same. While talking to the portal, Arishfa said, “Danish’s brother Guffran is behind our lives. He has tortured us too much since two months now, so much so that my mother almost hung herself the other day. Thankfully, my father came to her rescue at the nick of the time. The entire thing has spoiled my and my family’s name.”

“In a certain live session, Guffran also suggested that I could have murdered Danish. Now beat that. Everything that he says is a coated lie. He called my mother names, which is very disturbing. The entire scenario is too frustrating, as I am not even allowed to go out of my house alone. My tuitions are also suffering.” the actress added.

We’ve had a lot and now will not be listening to their banters. I will reply to them and bounce back at them.”

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Danish Zehen was a YouTuber and a lifestyle blogger from Mumbai. He was also the brand ambassador of Gillette and as a social media influencer, he promoted various brands. He began his career with Justin Bieber hairstyle which became an instant hit and got him a lot of attention and fan following.