Hrithik Roshan’s sister Sunaina Roshan refutes rumours of ill health, says ‘I am Out Partying’


Recently, there were news doing the rounds that Hrithik Roshan’s sister, Sunaina Roshan has been kept under critical watch due to her deteriorating health condition. 

Sunaina Roshan refutes rumours of ill health

The report said that she had been facing issues because of her psychological condition, bipolar disorder.

Sunaina Roshan refutes rumours of ill health

Well now, Sunaina respond to the rumors and tweeted, “Surprised to read about me being critical in hospital. Hello Times of India. I am out with friends and partying! Pls get your facts right.”

For the uninitiated, Sunaina is also a cancer survivor who had been diagnosed with cervical cancer. She had also penned about her battle with cancer in her blog. 

Sunaina Roshan’s weight loss story has also been a mighty inspirational one for all. She and her mom, Pinky Roshan both have turned to fitness – thanks to Hrithik Roshan.

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Hrithik Roshan’s sister Sunaina’s health deteriorates, put under critical observation

The Roshan family has been dealing with tough times of late. Earlier this year, her father Rakesh Roshan had undergone a surgery after he was diagnosed with early stage of squamous cell carcinoma of the throat (throat cancer).