Salman Khan denies gifting a flat to Ranu Mondal, says that’s false news


Ranu Mondal became an overnight Internet sensation after a video of her singing one of Lata Mangeshkar’s songs at Ranaghat railway station went viral. The lady got an opportunity to sing a song in Himesh Reshammiya starrer Happy Hardy and Heer.

Salman Khan denies gifting a flat to Ranu Mondal

Recently it was reported that Ranu Mondal was gifted a flat worth Rs 55 lakh by Salman Khan. Moreover, the report says that Salman will also record a song with Ranu for Dabangg 3.

However, in a recent media interaction, Salman quashed all such reports saying he will not take the credit for something he hasn’t done. “That’s false news. Even I have heard this. What I have not done, there is no credit for that. I have done nothing like that,” Salman told IANS on Monday evening.

Salman Khan denies gifting a flat to Ranu Mondal

Vicky Biwas, the man primarily responsible for shooting and posting the video of Ranu’s song on social media denied the news and called it a fake. He told IANS, “Two members of our club had shot the video of her song at Ranaghat station, which became viral on social media. Since then, we have been looking after Ranu di. We haven’t heard anything about Salman Khan gifting a flat worth Rs 55 lakh to Ranu di. It’s fake news that is being spread on social media.”

He added, “A lot of fake news surrounding Ranu di is doing the rounds on social media, such as she has purchased a car worth Rs 15 lakh, or she has been called for Bigg Boss, or Himesh Reshammiya has paid her Rs 50 lakh to record her song. Yes, Himesh ji has done a lot for her and has also sponsored her trips to Mumbai, but the rest of these reports are fake.”

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Ranu Mandal, a singer who used to sing songs of Lata Mangeshkar sitting on the platform of Ranaghat station is now an internet sensation.

Meanwhile, Salman Khan is all set to be back with his reality show Bigg Boss 13.