Asuran movie review: Dhanush’s film is a thrilling revenge drama


Asuran movie review

Star Cast: 

Dhanush, Manju Warrier, Ammu Abirami, Prakash Raj


Vetri Maaran


S. Thanu


3.5/5 Stars

Music Director:

G.V. Prakash Kumar

Asuran movie review

Dhanush starrer Asuran has been released in cinemas. The film is a riveting blood-soaked revenge drama set in rural Kovilpatti near Tirunelveli in the 1980s in south Tamil Nadu. Here is Asuran movie review which might help you to watch it.

Asuran movie review

Story of the movie:

Sivasamy (Dhanush), a lower-caste person is a marginal farmer and an alcoholic, who leads a peaceful life, along with his aggressive wife Pachaiyamma (Manju Warrier). Both their sons, the 20-year-old Murugan (Teejay) and the 16-year-old Chidambaram (Ken) are hot-headed. Their happy family life gets a jolt when a rich landlord, belonging to the upper caste, Narasimhan (Aadukalam Naren) wants to acquire their three-acre farmland adjoining his property to build a cement factory.

Things escalate when Sivasamy’s hot-headed elder son, Murugan (TeeJay Arunasalam) humiliates Narasimhan, and the latter retaliate by having him brutally killed. Sivasamy still tries to protect his family by taking a pacifist approach, his angry teenaged son Chidambaram (Ken) unable to see his mother Pachaiyamma (Manju Warrier) suffering, kills Narasimhan. The family is on the run as Narasimman’s sons and relatives start the hunt for Chidambaram. Sivasamy still tries for a compromise with the help of an activist lawyer (Prakashraj). But Narasimman’s family wants to take revenge at any cost. Sivasamy is now forced to protect his son. What happens next? For this, you have to watch the film.

Star Performance:

Dhanush has delivered a brilliant performance in the film. Manju Warrier as Sivasami’s wife plays her part with perfection. The two newcomers, Teejay and Ken, who played Dhanush’s sons, are riveting, and the supporting cast of Naren, Pasupathi, and Prakashraj bring life into their roles.

Music Direction:

The film’s music is good.


The film’s direction is good. The technical team of the film has done magnificent work. The cinematography is stunning. Dialogues are impressive. The action sequence is done tastefully with no ‘super-human’ acts which are typical in a Tamil film with lots of action. All the fights have been crafted with a strong realistic setting.

Watch Or Not:

Asuran is one of the best films of the year and a must-watch.