Bigg Boss 13: Was Arti Singh married to Ayaz Khan? Here’s the truth


After Shefali Bagga’s personal attack on Arti Singh during ‘BB Hospital’ task, speculations started doing the rounds that Krushna Abhishek’s sister was married to ‘Dill Mill Gayye’ actor Ayaz Khan.

Bigg Boss 13: Was Arti Singh married to Ayaz Khan? Here's the truth 3

It is being believed that Arti did marry Ayaz and now speculations are being done on why they divorced. Well, Arti certainly dated Ayaz for three years, but the couple parted their ways. Ayaz is now married to Amish Khan (now Jannat).

Was Arti Singh married to Ayaz Khan

When SpotboyE asked Ayaz about the marriage to Arti, he said, “What preposterous talk is going on. Arti and I never married. This is like in a movie that a couple went to Mt Everest and Bhagwan ko sakshi maankar shaadi karli and nobody ever got to know about it.”

Was Arti Singh married to Ayaz Khan

Actress Kashmera Shah, who is Arti Singh’s sister-in-law too denied the news and said, “Rubbish, Arti and Ayaz never married.  Shefali is a journalist and she needs to do her homework. Or maybe, she is blabbering anything to create controversies and grab eyeballs.”

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In an earlier interview with the Times of India, Arti Singh had talked about her breakup with Ayaz Khan and had said, “It’s strange that it took us three years to realise that we are two different people, who aren’t on the same page on many issues. We tried to salvage the relationship, but it wasn’t meant to be. Some friendships shouldn’t graduate to love or marriage. Having said that, we continue to be best friends and are there for each other. It’s unfortunate that we couldn’t become life partners.”