Bigg Boss 13: Mahira Sharma’s mother blasts Hindustani Bhau for calling her daughter ‘Bade Hothon Wali Chipkali’


Bigg Boss 13 is one of the most controversial shows on television. The show is getting intense with each passing day and all thanks to fights and drama that is going on inside the house.

Mahira Sharma's mother blasts Hindustani Bhau

Recently, Mahira and Paras Chhabra were sent to jail on the show. After this, Bigg Boss asked Hindustani Bhau to pick three contestants and make videos about them, without using abusive words.

And while doing so, he took a dig a Mahira Sharma and called her a ‘bade hoth ki chipkali’.

Mahira Sharma’s mother blasts Hindustani Bhau

While Paras laughed at Bhau’s remarks, it did not go down well with Mahira, who is seen yelling at Paras for supporting such snide humour. And both the best friends then get into a heated argument. Mahira is seen telling that if he doesn’t know the reason behind anything, he mustn’t comment on it. Paras also loses his calm Mahira and shouts at her for his stupid actions. Mahira gets hurt by Paras’ action and sheds tears

Check out the video here:

Well, these comments of Bhau didn’t goes well down with Mahira’s mother Sania Sharma and she got furious.

 While talking to Spotboye, Sania said, “I am extremely disturbed with his (Hindustani Bhau) comments. One should have a command on his language especially when you are being seen on National TV. I am very disappointed that he is calling my daughter lizard and commenting on her lips size just to make his video entertaining. I was very happy when he entered the house and called my daughter her younger sister. But with his latest act, I just want to ask how can a brother make fun of his own sister on such a big platform just to get some footage?”

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She also added, “The only thing Hindustani Bhau is doing inside is bitching about everyone; whichever group he is sitting with, he starts bitching about another one. Also, he is not the person who he is trying to be. Just go and check the videos he has made and posted on his YouTube channel. I also want to tell those who are going on my daughter’s looks that she is the most beautiful girl inside and those who are commenting on her are just jealous”.

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