Man stalks Ex-Splitsvilla contestant Harshita Kashyap, gets arrested


Harshita Kashyap who was a contestant of Splitsvilla 8 has recently experienced something unexpected as a crazy fan stalks and assaulting a TV artist and her friend at Charni Road railway station in the city.

Man stalks Ex-Splitsvilla contestant Harshita Kashyap

According to reports, a man identified as Shahrukh Shaikh started stalking Harshita and her friend when they were at the station to board a train back home. When they ascended the stairs to reach their platform, the man started following them.

When Harshita confronted the man, he retorted: “If I am staring at you, what is the problem?”

Harshita told Hindustan Times that they decided to ignore him and walked on. However, when they were on the foot over-bridge, Shaikh was still behind them. When they asked him again why he was following them, Shaikh attacked them.

Man stalks Ex-Splitsvilla contestant Harshita Kashyap

“He first slapped Pala which shook her. I go to the gym daily and as I am fit I decided to teach him a lesson and started hitting him. Shaikh retaliated and he even started hitting me. The office goers and co-passengers intervened meanwhile the police personal arrived and took us to the GRP chowki on the platform,” Harshita said.

Later, the man was arrested by the Churchgate Government Railway Police (GRP). Inspector B. Pawar said they had arrested the accused after registering an offence against the accused under sections 354 (a), 354 (b) and 323 of Indian Penal Code.

Meanwhile, Harshita Kashyap, 26, was a contestant of “Splitsvilla 8” and is currently working in an upcoming web series.