Shweta Tiwari rams her car while shooting for Mere Dad Ki Dulhan


Television actress Shweta Tiwari who is playing the role of Guneet Sikka in the newly launched show Mere Dad ki Dulhan has recently rammed her car while shooting for the show.

Shweta Tiwari rams her car while shooting

She got into a small accident. But she is fine, it is only her car that has been damaged.

Shweta Tiwari rams her car while shooting

Being a method actor, Shweta believes in rehearsing and performing every scene with utmost perfection.

Narrating the incidence Shweta shares, “The show is based in Ghaziabad and the entire cast of the show travelled to Delhi for promo shoot of the initial episodes. It was a long day and we had less time to complete the shoot rehearsals and scenes. I know how to drive a car but while I was practicing for the scene, I had to bump into Amber’s car and doing that purpose does not come naturally to me. So I had to rehearse the scene several times and I ended up damaging my car a little. It was a very funny scene and I was pulling Varun’s leg that I at least get to drive bad on purpose for the scene.”

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The show premiered a few weeks back and also features Varun Badola in the role of Amber Sharma and Anjali Tatrari in the role of Niya.