Gaurav Gera apologise to Neha Kakkar for body shaming her, says Had no idea that she would be so hurt


Bollywood singer Neha Kakkar has recently slammed comedians Gaurav Gera and Kiku Sharda who makes fun of her height and body shape on a TV show.

Gaurav Gera apologise to Neha Kakkar

Gaurav and Kiku were performing an act for Sony MAX’s ‘Dr Pran Lele’, which airs during movie breaks.

Gaurav Gera apologise to Neha Kakkar

The singer’s brother and music composer Tony Kakkar also condemned the two for their actions and shared a video of the same on social media.

Now, in a conversation with the Times of India, Gera has apologized to the Neha Kakkar. He said, “I would not want to hurt her because I am a fan of hers. I love the way she sings and her songs are definitely parties ki jaan (her songs add fun to the party). Even if I don’t know her personally, we share greetings with each other whenever we meet. Her talent is totally appreciated, I am nobody to prove it to her. She has 30 million followers on Instagram who are there to prove her that how much they love her.”

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In his apology, he said, “My idea was not to hurt her. She is fantastic, a rockstar and she doesn’t need me to say it. I didn’t even know about the height part, and I myself don’t have an average height. Kiku is short heighted… I have always tried to stay away from controversy. I have tried my best to even stay away from shows on TV. Even during the shoot we kept saying where we felt it is going overboard.. I would like to apologise to her and I love her. She is fantastic.”