Akshay Kumar applies for an Indian passport following citizenship row


Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar who has appeared in several patriotic films has often been targeted for his Candian citizenship.

Akshay Kumar applies for an Indian passport

Recently, Akshay attended Hindustan Times Leadership Summit 2019 along with his Good Newwz co-star Kareena Kapoor and there he opens up about this issue.

The actor revealed why he didn’t have Indian citizenship yet. He said, “There was a time when 14 films of mine flopped and I thought that I might have to take up something else to support myself. One of my closest friend stays in Canada and he asked me to come there. He said we will work together on something. He is also Indian but stays there. Then I started my process, got my passport and other stuff because I thought my career has ended. I won’t get work here anymore. It was just that my 15th film worked and after that I never looked back. I kept going on and on. But I never thought of getting my passport replaced,”

Akshay Kumar applies for an Indian passport

 Well now, the actor reveals that he have now applied for an Indian passport and is deeply saddened by the fact that he has to show a document to prove his nationality. He said, “I have now applied for the passport. I am an Indian and it hurts me that I am asked to prove that every time. My wife, my children are Indian. I pay my taxes here and my life is here.”

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Meanwhile, Akshay has appeared in several patriotic films like Kesari, Baby, Holiday: A Soldier Is Never Off Duty and Airlift.