Bigg Boss 13: Rashmi Desai’s brother Gaurav slams Arhaan Khan, says my sister was never on road


Recently, Bigg Boss 13 host Salman Khan exposed Arhaan Khan’s truth to Rashami Desai about his marriage and a child.

Rashmi Desai's brother Gaurav slams Arhaan Khan

In last night’s episode, Arhaan was also seen talking ill about Rashami to Shefali Bagga. He said, “When I met Rashami there was zero balance in her account. She was on the road.” He added, “Only I know how I managed to help her out and make her what she is now.”

However, this statement of Arhaan didn’t goes well down with Rashmi’s brother Gaurav and now he slams Arhaan foe talking ill about his sister.

Rashmi Desai’s brother Gaurav slams Arhaan Khan

 Speaking to SpotboyE, Gaurav shared, “My sister was never on road. I really don’t understand why is he (Arhaan) even talking such things about Rashami and damaging her image. This isn’t normal to hear from your partner. Plus, the recent event that happened during the Weekend ka Vaar was very disturbing and now he talking about my sister being on road? I’m sorry but this is rubbish and very upsetting.”

Talking about Arhaan’s marital status he said, “It was extremely shocking. I have no words left.” He also clarified about his mother being mad at Rashami because of Arhaan and said, “As a family, we would want her to take the right decision for herself as she has already been through a lot in the past. We can’t see her again digging her own grave. It’s very upsetting.”

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Gaurav further added that he wants to go inside the house and shake his sister up to make her realise who she is. “She’s strong AF and she’s capable of much better things in life than making herself fall into these things,” he said.

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