Bigg Boss 13: Mahira Sharma left in tears after Asim Riaz destroys her family’s letter


Bigg Boss 13 makers are leaving no stone unturned to keep their viewers hooked to their show as they are bringing out interesting twists and turns on the show.

Mahira Sharma left in tears

Recently, Bigg Boss had announced a captaincy task called BB Post Office, wherein, there are hand-written letters received by the respective contestants’ family members.

In the task, contestants have to pick each other’s letter and it’s up to them if they want to destroy it or give it to that particular person to read. When the person destroys the letter, he/she becomes a contender for the captaincy task.

Mahira Sharma left in tears

In the latest promo, Mahira gets her hands on Asim Riaz’ letter sent by his family. Instead of destroying it, Mahira hands over the letter to Asim and gives away the chance of becoming the captaincy contender.

Mahira says that she wants to become the captain but she values emotions. Asim is pleased to see this and hugs her. However, when Asim gets Mahira’s letter, he breaks her trust and destroys the letter sent by her family leaving her in tears and heartbroken. He is seen telling Arti in the promo that he has shown enough of emotions to people here in the house but hasn’t received anything in return.

Watch the video here:

Paras Chhabra and Sidharth Shukla who are watching this from the secret room are in complete shock.

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Now, it will be interesting to see how things get unfolds between Asim and Mahira after this.

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