Bigg Boss 13: Paras exposes Arhaan Khan after re-entering in the House, Rashami Clarifies she was bankrupt


Paras Chabbra who was observing all the goings-on inside the house from a secret room finally re-entered the main house.

Paras exposes Arhaan Khan

After returning to house, Paras revealed to Rashami about Arhaan’s shocking statements when he talked about her being bankrupt and homeless.

However, the viewers of the show were left shocked when Rashmi was seen defending Arhaan and admitting that she was homeless and bankrupt in 2016.

Paras exposes Arhaan Khan

She reveals that she had no money and also she was homeless a few years back. Backing Arhaan, she admitted that it was her beau who supported her in her tough time. Paras then says if that’s the kind of thing to say on the national television.

Rashami agreed to it and then she had a conversation with Arhaan stating that he shouldn’t be revealing such details on TV.

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Earlier, Arhaan was seen talking to Shefali Bagga and saying that when he met his lady love, she had zero balance in her account. He further said that she had helped her out and made her what she is today.