Nehha Pendse speaks on her wedding plans and reveals how fiancee Shardul proposed


Television actress Nehha Pendse is all set to get married with beau Shardul Byas on January 5, 2020 in Pune.

Nehha Pendse speaks on her wedding plans

In an interview with Spotboye, Neha Pendse spilled the beans on her wedding plans and reveals how fiancee Shardul proposed her.

On how the marriage preparations are going on and wedding plans for D-Day, Pendse said, “I work the best under pressure. This is the most exciting phase of my life because I have shot for one of my best films till date and soon I’m going to experience the most important moment of my life, i.e. next month. So without a doubt, this is the best phase of my existence.”

Nehha Pendse speaks on her wedding plans

She added, “I don’t socialize much. And I always wanted my marriage to be a close knit affair. But Shardul is totally opposite of me in this case. He loves to socialise and have his friends over. Honestly, the wedding is extremely grand than my set expectations.”

She continued, “I know Shardul for more than a year now. He was exactly the guy who I was looking for and he changed my perception about marriage again. He was very sure about me since the day we met and that’s what I loved about him the most. Because in today’s life, everyone wants to date you but no one wants to give commitment. And after going through a heartbreak years ago, I decided that I just don’t want to love someone for the heck of it, but want that love to reach somewhere. And Sharul made me extremely secure about that. “

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Nehha Pendse also shared if she was the one to take the first step towards marriage or her beau, Shardul popped the question to her. She said, “Yes, he did. Shardul is a no-nonsense kind of a person. When we met, he didn’t waste a lot of time to decide if I am that woman. So he asked me to date him right away and with that, he said ‘I want to be with you for a lifetime now, so its up to you how you want to take this proposal ahead.’” Nehha further added, “Within 4-5 months, we were in an official relationship and then, we decided that we will marry in January 2020. Just that the date wasn’t fixed.”

Pendse revealed that the only demand she had for the marriage is to get married Maharashtrian style and she mentioned how Vyas was totally cool about it.