Good Newwz actress Kiara Advani wants to get pregnant for this reason


Akshay Kumar, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Kiara Advani and Diljit Dosanjh are currently busy in the promotions of their upcoming film Good Newwz.

Kiara Advani wants to get pregnant

Based on the IVF concept, the film is a hilarious look at what happens when the sperm of two people is changed.

Recently, in one of the interviews, Kiara Advani reveals that she wants to get pregnant for this tempting reason.

Kiara Advani wants to get pregnant

 It began with Kareena Kapoor talking about superstitions that she was told about when she was pregnant. She was told that it will be very difficult and she was asked to eat all types of food. To this, Akshay added that pregnant women are asked to eat ladoos. Then he turned to Kiara and asked if she has ever eaten ladoos. Kiara said that she never got pregnant so she never had those ladoos.

Akshay then said that she can have the ladoos regardless to which Kiara said, “I only want to get pregnant so that I can eat whatever I want and let go.” She then added that she did eat a lot of sweets when she was shooting for Good Newwz.

 Upon being asked for the kind of combination she prefers if she is blessed with twins, Kiara said, “I just want to healthy children that God will gift me,” adding that she wants a boy and a girl.

They even asked Kareen Kapoor Khan the qualities Kiara wanted in her daughter, to which she replied, “I would be her trust, her speeches and her aura. All its features are actually 10/10. “

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Directed by Raj Mehta and produced by Karan Johar, Good Newwz is slated to release on December 27.