TV actress S. Devi kills ex-boyfriend in front of her husband


In a shocking turn of events, a 45-year old Tamil television actress kills her ex-boyfriend by smashing his head with a log and hammer in front of her husband.

actress S. Devi kills ex-boyfriend

The actress, identified as S. Devi, killed her former boyfriend at her sister’s house at Kolathur in the early hours on Monday, according to a report in The Times of India.

The report states that she allegedly killed him after he insisted that she resume their relationship.

Actress S. Devi kills ex-boyfriend

S. Devi later surrendered to the police. After an inquiry, the police also held her husband B Sankar, her sister S Lakshmi and Lakshmi’s husband Sawariyar, 53, and charged them with the murder of M Ravi, 38, a film technician.

The accused have been sent to jail.