OMG! Om Swami Pee In Front Of ‘Bigg Boss’ Contestant



As we inform earlier that it’s one of the most controversial contestants, Swami Om is back inside the house.

As a part of the luxury budget task “taxi” the housemates are divided into two teams. One team will have all the passengers and the other team will be of taxi drivers.

Om swami ji BB

Rahul, Lopa, Mona, and Rohan are passengers of the task while remaining housemates are drivers in the task. Priyanka Jagga plays the role of traffic police in the task. The drivers have to pick and drop passengers as and at what price they want while Priyanka will collect the fine for breaking traffic rules.

But no task is complete without drama and fights. “Bigg Boss 10″ contestant Om Swami stooped to an all new low. As a part of the luxury budget task “taxi”, housemates reject Om Swami to drop from one place to another as he rejects to pay them the fare demanded.

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In order to harass housemates, Om Swami pees in the middle of kitchen and living area by using bucket jug.

Now this is disgusting and obviously, housemates lose their patience after Swami does this cheap thing in front of them. Manveer even heads to hit him but somehow housemates stop him from being physical.

Well, it is not first time when any “Bigg Boss” contestant urinating in open. First it was Priyanka Jagga peeing in the very first week, out in open, in middle of a task.

Now it remains to see what action housemates take after Om Swami’s this cheap behavior.

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