Arshad Khan: Pakistani Chaiwala Walked The Ramp For UK Based Fashion Brand!



Until a few days ago, 18-year-old Arshad Khan was just another face in the crowded Itwar Bazaar, or Sunday market, in the Pakistani capital of Islamabad, where he manned a tea stall. Since then, he has turned into a social media sensation.


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This chaiwala from Islamabad, got famous for his blue eyes and raw looks. Casually snapped a few months ago by a photographer known as Javeria or Jiah Ali, the images of Khan, with his blue eyes, stubble, and thick locks, quickly spread all over Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.


The photo of the teenager has since racked up over 12,000 likes and comments from thousands of admirers. It also began trending around the globe, from India to London.