Foreign Celebrities Who Did One Bollywood Film And Disappeared


7. Alice Patten

Alice Patten

Alice Patten, she appeared in the Bollywood film ‘Rang De Basanti’ as Sue McKinley opposite Aamir Khan.  She was married to American comedian and screenwriter Tim Steed, and expecting her first child when the film was sweeping all the prestigious awards in India. Alice tells about her experience in Bollywood that she was very excited about the audition for the role in the film.  Alice is the daughter of Chris Patten, a prominent British politician and the last Governor of Hong Kong.

8. Mish Boyko

Mish Boyko

Kangana Ranaut’s famous film ‘Queen’ was full of foreign actors but one who have drawn most attention was Mish Boyko. Mish played the role of Alexander aka Sikander, the cute looking beer-toting man who had a silent crush on Rani. He originally from Midland, London and has acted in movies and television shows like Wrist, Waterloo road, quick film The Burn and D is for Detroit.