BB10: Salman Khan lashes out at Om Swami for making personal comment on Bani’s mother



Swami Omji is one of the most controversial contestants of this season of Bigg Boss 10. The time he entered the house, Om Swami Maharaj started making headlines for his weird claims.


As already reported, during a task (yesterday) Om Swami told Bani ‘Tumhari Maa marr jaayegi’ (your mother will die). After which an infuriated Bani got into an ugly spat with Om Swami, and was also seen banging the doors of the Bigg Boss house to leave the show. The situation was highly emotional for the VJ as her mother is a cancer patient.

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This comment has not gone well down with the Bollywood superstar. Salman took it further this ‘Weekend ka Vaar’ and lashed out at Om Swami.

The Sultan star slammed Om Swami for his disgusting behavior towards Bani.

He told him ‘Aaj se main aap ko Om Ji yaa Om Swami nahi bulaunga kyunki aap woh kehlane layak nahi ho’. (From today onwards I won’t address you as Om Swami or Swamiji as you are not worth it). The Sultan star did not stop here he even told him that you always talk about Mahabharat, vedas and say that you are Bharat Mata’s beta, so how could you make a comment like this against someone’s mother.

Well, lets see if Om Swami will finally learn from his mistakes.