‘Kasam’ Actress Aditi Sharma marries long-time beau Sundip Ved



Aditi Sharma wedding pic

The actress said “Both of us had so much fun in our wedding. I made sure that I enjoy every single moment. I was mesmerized with everything happening around us. I danced on every occasion; even during the varmala ceremony. It was a complete fun. I felt like it got over so early. I mean we were preparing for this D-day for the last eight months and these two days just went no time; you blink your eyes and it’s gone. Last night, when I did the grah-pravesh, Sundip just went to his knees and said, ‘hi wify’ and suddenly I felt like, Oh my God, we are married, it’s over. In short, we had super fun.”

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Aditi Sharma wedding pic

Aditi and Sundip’s wedding took place in Hyderabad yesterday (12th December 2016). Since Aditi is a mixture of Gujarati and Punjabi, whereas Sundip is a Sindhi, the entire wedding ceremony in Gujarati-Punjabi-Sindhi style.