OMG! ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’ actor Karan Patel Beats Up A Channel’s Office Boy!



Popular TV actor Karan Patel is known to be short tempered, always remain in the news for any bed behaviors. This won’t be the first time that he is involved in such a controversy.

Karan Patel angry

As per a report in Spotboye, Karan Patel caught hold of an office boy and beat him up a lot. The incident happened at Star Parivar Awards and the actor apparently kept beating the guy up till he realized that he got the wrong guy. On finding out that he beat up the wrong guy, he just apologized and left.

People were so terrified of him that no one bothered to intervene and help the office boy who was trembling with fear and screaming in pain.

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Karan has still not reacted on the issue or spoken about it to the media yet but we can’t wait to hear what he has to say about this incident. Karan has got into trouble a lot of times because of his anger.

Sometime ago, he lost his cool when he saw a lot of media personnel gathered outside his “Yeh Hai Mohabbatein” co-star Divyanka Tripathi’s wedding reception. When they requested him to pose for a pic, an angry Karan held his wife Ankita Bhargava by the hand and rushed inside.

Before that, Karan also reportedly threw tantrums on the sets of YHM when he refused to wear a particular shirt that was chosen for him. In fact, they shot that scene the next day when Karan was in a better mood and wore what he chose for himself.But the actor shut these rumours and told,” This is bullshit. I don’t know where these stories come from. It is utter rubbish.”