REVEALED: Why Rajinikanth didn’t dub for Aamir Khan’s ‘Dangal’



Imagine Aamir Khan’s dubbed Tamil version of “Dangal” having Rajinikanth’s booming voice leading the charge for Aamir’s character.

 Rajinikanth and Aamir Khan

Well for movie aficionados that will stay strictly in the realms of imagination now. Aamir and Rajini tried their best to collaborate but unfortunately things were not meant to happen.

Speaking to a leading entertainment portal, Aamir said, “Dangal is being dubbed in Tamil and Telugu. I did approach Rajini sir and he loved the film. After discussing with him both he and I felt that his voice is too recognisable. He is so popular that his voice won’t suit my face. We both felt that. But he loved the film. He was very encouraging.”

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While Aamir rued the missed opportunity this time around, the actor is hopeful that he will get a chance to collaborate with the legend in future. “I would love to work with him. I am a big fan.”

Aamir also hopes Rajini will return to Hindi cinema one day. “Whatever movie Rajini sir does, we do watch it be it Tamil or otherwise. Robot 2 is coming now which will be dubbed in Hindi I believe. I hope he returns to Hindi cinema one day.”

For the moment, no popular actor will be dubbing the Tamil and Telugu versions of “Dangal”, confirmed Aamir.

The actor who is currently busy promoting his film also revealed that he would be visiting a famous akhada in Kolhapur where he has been specially invited by wrestlers for a meet-and-greet session. “Kolhapur is famous for wrestling and this akhada that I will be visiting is a famous one. I am excited about it,” said Aamir.