Bigg Boss 10: OMG! Swami Om and Priyanka Jagga get PHYSICAL with contestants



As we told you that there will be a love task in Bigg Boss 10 house. Task is called BB hostel and there will be girls hostel and boys hostel. There will be four pairs of girlfriend-boyfriend and these pairs are Lopa-Rohan, Bani-Gaurav, Nitibha-Manveer and Mona-Manu. Priyanka Jagga will be warden of girls hostel and Swami Om will be warden and principal of boys hostel.


Now in this task, boyfriends will have to write love letter to their girlfriends that they will keep in the locker placed in the living area. They will have to do it secretly from the wardens. But wardens have to make sure that no communication takes place between pairs. Admist all this, Priyanka Jagga and Swami Om get too harsh with the contestants.

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In order to catch Rohan Mehra, Swami Om broke the door of the washroom and this makes everyone furious. All of them try to cool him down but after the task Swami Om gets a earful from Bigg Boss.Bigg Boss says that he is upset with Swami Om because he crossed all the limits for the sake of entertainment.


Baba’s beti Priyanka Jagga got physical with Nitibha Kaul and wrestled with her. She was trying to snatch the letter from Nitibha.

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