Monalisa’s boyfriend Vikrant Singh Rajpoot enters the Bigg Boss house and fights with Manu



In the upcoming episode of Bigg Boss there is a beautiful surprise in store for every contestant. All the contestants get to meet a member of their family or someone close to them.

While Bani gets to speak to her best friend, Gauahar Khan, Priyanka breaks down seeing her kids on the screen. She gets really surprised and happy when her kids enter the house to surprise her. Swami also greets her kids excitedly. Well, another person enters the house to, hopefully, sort things out with the love of his life.


Monalisa’s boyfriend Vikrant Singh Rajpoot enter in the Bigg Boss house. Mona gets happy and shocked to see him. She runs and hugs him. Vikrant also looks happy to see Mona and also tells her that everything is fine from his side.

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Vikrant also tells Manu how much he hates him. Vikrant also says how it upset him that Manu called him the bad guy. Manu clarifies saying that he had meant every word since he got insecure of his girlfriend of eight years because of a friend she found some 60 days back.

Well, either they will resolve things or it will get really ugly.

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