Shama Sikander opens up about her depression, says she attempted suicide



Television actress Shama Sikander has been away from television last few years. Well now we know that why that happened. Shama took a break of two years for due to her bipolar disorder. Quite Shocking! But how she fought with it and came out as an inspiration is applaudable.

Shama Sikander

The actress has no qualms saying that she was on a forced two-year break after being diagnosed with bipolar disorder. There came a point when she even attempted suicide.

It was her ex, Alexx O’Neil, who first realised that she needed medical intervention. Shama recalls, “Alexx, who has a degree in Psychology, suspected that I had bipolar disorder and advised me to consult a doctor. But at that time, I didn’t want to get cured; I just wanted to give up. Though my life was going great, I was bored of it; nothing would impress or excite me. I even tried to commit suicide one night. I kissed my mother good night and told her not to wake me up. After that, I swallowed several sleeping pills at one go. Just before slipping away, I texted my brother my bank account details, which made him panic. He immediately called my mother to check on me and I was rushed to the hospital three hours later.”

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She adds, “I was angry with my family for saving me. I wanted to go and return as a new person. I didn’t see death as the end; rather, it was the beginning of a new life. I didn’t know that a rebirth was possible in the same life. But slowly, my soul awakened and I realised that it was a spiritual calling.”

shama sikandar

The path to recovery, she says, was not easy. “Like many others, my parents too thought that I was possessed because they didn’t have any idea about bipolar disorder. If you know about it, you will not judge others. I have always been well-behaved and responsible, so I wouldn’t react in public. Only my family saw my extreme reactions. I would leave a party the moment I felt like snapping at someone. I didn’t want to lose self-control in public and the fact that I couldn’t check my emotions bothered me,” she explains.

 It was during this phase that she snapped ties with Alexx. Shama says, “I was not able to take any more stress; I felt burdened not just by him, but also my family and friends. I realised that I had to let go despite loving him truly and deeply.”
Eventually, medication and meditation helped her pull through. Shama, by her own admission, is happier today. “My condition didn’t improve even after two years of medication, but when it did, I started looking at life with a new perspective. Now, I seek joy in small things and make a conscious effort to befriend people. I have become more open and receiving. I want to share my story so that people will know that it’s okay to be messed up,” she says.
The actress is equally candid about her changing looks over the years. “Everybody is looking for a quick-fix solution, but I have not undergone any surgery. When there are fillers available, why do you need surgery? There was a time when I considered liposuction, but when the doctor explained the procedure to me, I dropped the idea. It took me two years to get back into shape. The change in me came from within. I think good thoughts, which is why I look better now,” she signs off.

Shama has acted in various TV serials like ‘Yeh Meri Life Hai’, ‘Man Mein Hai Vishwas’, ‘Seven’ and many others.