Here is who dislike and very upset with Aamir Khan’s Dangal!



Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan has garnered appreciation from all quarters for his latest release “Dangal”, which is a biopic on ace wrestler Mahavir Singh Phogat. “Dangal” is busy breaking all the records and making space in the hearts of many film buffs.

PR Sodhi and aamir khan

However, the film has upset one person in particular. t’s none other than the real Geeta Phogat’s coach, PR Sodhi. Sondhi, who was one of the five coaches of India’s women wrestling team during Commonwealth games 2010, has stated that he might take some legal actions against the makers of the film for fictionalizing his character and putting him in bad light.

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On the same, Sodhi has been quoted by a publication saying, “It made it spicy but didn’t really convey anything of what actually happened. Everything was amicable, but distorting of facts just hurts my reputation. (My work was) something which saw me become national wrestling coach. I will watch the film and take a call whether to take some serious legal action.”

Girish Kulkarni and Aamir Khan

“I will watch the film and take a call whether to take some serious legal action.” The character of Sodhi in the film is portrayed by a character called PR Kadam. For those who have watched Dangal, you’ll know how the coach is the bad guy in the film, especially for Mahavir and Geeta Phogat. However, Sodhi has claimed that Mahavir Phogat never intervened during the training sessions”, Sodhi added.

The 70 year old has apparently major issues with the final scene where the coach is seen locking Mahavir in a room during the Games so that he is not able to cheer for his daughter. “Distortion of facts has hurt my reputation. Once I watch the film, I will speak to the wrestling federation. I also plan to meet Aamir and seek an explanation,” he has been quoted by the tabloid explaining his plight.

Aamir Khan even met with the real coach, regarding the film but never uttered about this particular scene. “For the past two decades, I have been in the national set-up, working with the Government of India and Wrestling Federation of India. I met Aamir Khan in Ludhiana regarding the film, and he didn’t discuss the final sequence at all. If inputs were taken from me, then why create such fictional events about me” further added the coach.