Bigg Boss 10: Manu made some insensitive remarks on Bani’s mother



Yesterday, we informed you how Swami Om provoked Rohan Mehra at a level that he slapped him. Soon Bigg Boss punished him for this and directly nominated him for the entire season.


The current scenario is that Rohan has locked himself in the washroom and has demanded to quit the show as he thinks that the makers are being unfair by punishing him and not taking any action against Swami.

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Now, we will get to witness a major fight between Manu Punjabi and Bani J. Earlier, Om Swami made some personal remarks on Bani J’s mother last week. During a particular task where Om Swami was teamed opposite Bani and was losing the game, an irked Swami cursed Bani and said that her mom will die. After which, Bani lost her cool then and lashed out at Swami for his insensitive remarks. Not just that, even host Salman Khan was annoyed and reprimanded Om Swami.

So in tomorrow’s episode when Manu and Bani will get into an argument, the former will end up saying that Bani’s angry reaction on Om Swami’s comments on her mother was “just for the footage”. Bani once again lost her cool and lashed out at Manu. Well, Manu’s this frustration is because Bani didn’t speak up when Priyanka Jagga was speaking about Manu’s mother.