Rohan Mehra’s father broke his silence over SLAPPING Swami Om in the house



Yesterday, Rohan Mehra made into headlines yesterday after slapping Swami Om. It got him into a lot of trouble later though. After that Bigg Boss punished Rohan by nominating him for the entire season. Now on this issue, Rohan’s father Ravindra Mehra has broken his silence.


While talking to Mumbai Mirror, he said “Being a sportsperson, Rohan’s very focused on the tasks and was irritated with Swami Om for his unwanted interference which was against the rules. Besides, it was Swami Om who got violent first, injuring Rohan and Manveer. He even started stripping in front of female contestants and urinated in the kitchen. Rohan is only doing this show because Salman Khan is hosting it, otherwise there is no reason to tolerate such contestants.”

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“Rohan respects his elders and addresses them as `aap’. It must have taken a lot of provocation for him to forget his maryada.” he added.

When Rohan’s father was asked about Rohan’s punishment of getting nominated for the entire season, he replied “Rohan is a child. The makers have had a word with him and he understands that he is contractually bound to the show. I’m sure you’ll see the Swami dancing in the next episode.”

Well, we are waiting for ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ now. Till than, stay tuned for all updates!