Karan Johar speak up about SRK’s son Aryan Khan’s bollywood debut!



Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan is one of the hottest celebrity kids in bollywood. The 18 year old who recently graduated from school is now finishing his college in New York. And, reportedly, he is all set to enter in bollywood soon.


As it goes, Karan Johar recently spoke about Aryan as he said that he would love to launch him in Bollywood.

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He said “Aryan is my godchild. Currently, he is in Los Angeles and he has four years of university ahead of him. When he comes back he is going to decide if he wants to be in the movies. And if he does, of course, I will be a big part of it as a director or just as a guiding support. For me, Aryan being launched is like my son being launched. I will be this hyper relative breathing down his neck.”

“I have held Aryan in my arms when he was six months old, and walked around the streets of London. Now he is a grownup, good looking boy with six packs and all set to face the world. I feel so proud. Of course, I track him all the time. When I see any images of him online, he gets messages from me in the middle of the night. I ask him, ‘What are you doing, who is this person with you in the frame?’ I feel like a possessive parent who wants to know exactly what he is up to.” he added.