Do you know Dhoni offers prayers at this Deori temple near Ranchi



Mahendra Singh Dhoni has stepped down as captain of India’s limited-overs teams. Since taking charge in 2007, Mahendra Singh Dhoni captained India in 199 one-dayers, winning 110 and losing 74.

Dhoni not only holds the record for most matches as captain of an international side, with 331 games across all formats, but he is also the only captain to have won all three ICC trophies — ODI World Cup, World Twenty20 and Champions Trophy.


Well, Dhoni consider Durga Deori Mandir as his good luck. Goddess Durga seems to be basking in the success of Mahendra Singh Dhoni. He often visited the Durga Deori Mandir in Ranchi’s Maoist-affected Tamar block, around 60km from the state capital. He must visited here to offers prayers before every big match.

His visit was routine – one of many that he’s undertaken to the temple over many years. What is striking, though, is how the temple has been transformed due to its Dhoni connection.


His visit to the temple has earned immense importance with reports coming in that whenever his performance in the game declines he visits this temple located around 65 kilometres from Ranch city.

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“Dhoni has come to the temple for the first time after his wedding to offer prayers to the Goddess. Whenever he comes to Ranchi, he surely visits this temple seeking blessings of the Goddess,” said Manoj Panda, Priest, Deori Temple.


Narsingh Panda, president of Ma Durga Samiti Deori, agrees. “Dhoni has turned around our fate,” he exults, almost comparing this feat to how the skipper turns around matches on the field. “Before 2004, an odd VIP or two did stop at the temple while they were heading to Jamshedpur or Kolkata by road, but now a VIP car can be seen outside the premises at any given time.”

 Even the vendors outside the temple are basking in the reflected glory that Mahi seems to have brought to the mandir. In 2004, there were around 10 shops around the temple; now there are more than 40 shops just to sell prasad. Anil Mahto, a fruit-seller recalls the time when Dhoni used to come here as a virtual unknown. “The thin, scrawny boy who visited the temple a decade ago now comes in as a star with an entourage of supercars and bodyguards. It’s a big change.”
dhoni at Deori temple 3              Dhoni visited the Deori temple with daughter Ziva
The belief that Dhoni has become the superstar that he is because of the blessings of Goddess Durga, permeates the air here. If it is indeed so, the skipper seems to be returning the favour now.