RIP Om Puri: 5 Major controvertial statements made by the actor



Veteran actor Om Puri passed away in Mumbai, he was found dead at his home on Friday morning. He was 66.

Born on October 18, 1950, hailing from Ambala in Haryana, Om Puri made his film debut in 1976 with the Marathi film ‘Ghashiram Kotwal’.

Om puri 6 Jan

He was known for his performances in critically acclaimed films like “Ardh Satya” and “Paar” and the satirical “Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro”.

Apart for being known for his stellar acting on screen in not just Indian but British, Pakistani, Hollywood and several independent and art-house films, Om Puri was also known for his controversial off the cuff comments on headline-making issues as well as his tumultuous personal life.

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1. Who had asked the soldiers to join the army?

During a televised debate on IBN-7 in October last year, in the wake of the Uri attack and the surgical strikes that followed, Om Puri said, “Who had asked the soldiers to join the army? Who told them to pick the weapons?”, thereby insulting an army soldier and his son who was martyred at Uri.

After the chat show that ignited controversy, Puri has been getting negative response for his shameful remarks from all people who say such statements were least expected from the actor.

2. When Om Puri called politicians illiterate at Ramlila Maidan

Back in 2011, Om Puri was a part of team Anna when Anna Hazare and his followers gathered at Ramlila Maidan to launch a vicious attack on politicians. Speaking to a crowd of thousands, Om said, “Yeh anpadh hain, inka kya background hai? Aadhe se zyaada MP ganwaar hain…” Later, he apologised. He said: “I respect Parliament and the Constitution of India. I’m proud to be an Indian. I’m happy that this agitation was peaceful and had a lot of dignity and I’m proud of that.”