BB 10: I won’t let grand finale happen if they don’t call me within 2 weeks, says Swami Om



Self-proclaimed godman Swami Om who has been kicked out of the Bigg Boss house has finally opened up about his weird antics inside the controversial house.

While talking exclusively to ABP News, Swami Om said that he was doing only acting.

“Honestly, I had never seen this show. I believed, Bigg Boss show was my life. I have given my everything to it but I was wrong. It destroyed my image outside. But what I get in return, insult, ” Swami Om cries.

“They accused me of throwing pee but in reality it was water. They kicked me out of the house by putting false allegations”, the Bigg Boss contestant asserted.

One being asked if he was doing acting inside the house, Swami Om said, ” Definitely it was. What I had said by shouting was all acting but whatever I had said by crying or love was reality.”

“Time and again Salman ji accused me of shedding crocodile tears but now I want to say him that without glycerine you can not fake tears, ” Swami Om told ABP News.

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When he was asked if he is regretting what he did on national television, he said that yes I want to apologise but it was not urine it was water.

Swami Om also said that he will do everything to become an actor now.  He can trim his hair but his name Om will remain for lifetime.

“I have already turned over the chapter of my life. When greatest hero Salman Khan asked to wear trouser and shirt inside BB house, I obeyed his order, ” said the self-proclaimed godman.

Talking about his upcoming project, Swami Om revealed that he will make godfather in Hindi and it will be far better than the Hollywood version.

He also threatened the makers of the show by saying, “I will wait only for two weeks, if they do not call me  I won’t let grand finale happen.”

During the captaincy task , Swami Om threw his urine on Rohan Mehra and Bani J. The contestants instantly took him in the jail.  Although the episode hasn’t gone on air yet, Bigg Boss asked Om Swami to leave the house.