Bigg Boss 10: Om Swami Calls Salman Khan An ISI Agent


After kicking out from the Bigg Boss house for his disgusting acts, Swami Om has now gone ahead to alleged the makers of the show and host Salman Khan of kidnapping him and calling Salman an ISI agent.

Bigg Boss 10: Om Swami Calls Salman Khan An ISI Agent 1

During in an interview with a news channel, Swami Om is seen trying to justify his acts by saying that since his food was adulterated he misbehaved with people. He even said that he was under the influence of drugs and that is why he stooped so low.

According to Swami the makers had threatened to kill him and had kidnapped him. He didn’t stop here he called Salman Khan an ISI agent and anti national. Citing an example he said Salman Khan once brought a vegetarian dish which was cooked with fish oil and had drugs. He also passed indecent comments against inmate Bani J that she slept with Jason Shah for four days.

The sick man said Salman is working under the orders of Sonia Gandhi inside the house and corrupting Hinduism rituals and traditions by brainwashing contestants inside.

Swami Om is currently banned by the makers of the show and he won’t be allowed to attend the finale of the show.

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